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Install two eyebolts on the bottom rear of your motorhome as far apart as possible. Hook up your Protect-a-Tow using the two previously installed eyebolts and mark the two inside eyebolts on the bottom of your motorhome and install. You should now have four eyebolts under your motorhome. Now install two eyebolts on the bottom of your towed vehicle 54” apart or more.

Eyebolt .png

Hooking up your



Under your tow bar, hook up the wide part end your Protect-a-Tow to your motorhome and the narrow end to your towed vehicle. Make sure that the elasticized cord is slightly stretched. Unfold the cross bar and slip into the couplings to expand the bar to full length. Feed the cross bar through the centre bungee loop in the middle of your Protect-a-Tow. Hook the ends of the cross bar onto the exposed elasticized cord at the cut-outs of the mesh on each side. The cross bar should be on top of your tow bar. The cross bar will prevent your Protect-a-Tow from dropping down on sharp turns. To remove your Protect-a-Tow, follow this procedure in reverse.

Cleaning & Storing your Protect-a-Tow


To keep your Protect-a-Tow unit clean and extend the life of the components, periodic cleaning with a soap and water solution is advised. It is also recommended to rinse the seam in which the elasticized cord travels with a water hose periodically to remove any grit accumulation in the seam and extend the life of the elasticized cord. Protect-a-Tow should be dry before storing in the provided storage bag. If visible signs of wear begin to occur on the elasticized cord, it should be replaced. Replacement cords are available, please contact us at 1.888.264.5444.


Be sure when mounting Protect-a-Tow that it does not come into contact with rear exhaust pipes and/or exhaust. Protect-a-Tow is constructed with a PVC coated polyester mesh that will be damaged from direct contact with hot exhaust pipes.


If you would like more information or have concerns regarding use or installation, please call us toll free at 1.888.264.5444

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