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Gordon G. & Corliss B.

Whitehorse, YT, Canada

"This is the 25th anniversary of the Dempster and we went up for the summer solstice celebrations. I am pleased to report that we sustained no damage at all this trip thanks to Protect-a-Tow. It works wonderfully and is easy to install and take off. We recommend it highly and have suggested to our local RV supplier that he keeps them in stock. You might note that this trip was made on the Dempster highway (Yukon highway 5) which goes from the Klondike highway near Dawson City 736km North to Inuvik and is al dirt road, it has lots of loose rocks some as big as your boot."

David B.

Illinois, USA

"Your product is all you advertise it to be -- simple, very effective, and convenient."

Richard K.


"Thank you for the time and effort you put in to making sure your product would work for me. Your efforts are appreciated."

Chuck D.

Spring Lake, Michigan, USA

"I've read nothing but great reviews and comments about your product. It sounds just like what I'm looking for."

Malcolm S.

North Carolina, USA

"I am very pleased with the product, installation and results. The cited website has a number of excellent picture showing the device installed as well as a comprehensive FAQ section. My own installation looks just like the pictures shown. I talked with the manufacturer directly and had all my questions answered before purchase. Delivery from the factory was quick and everything about the transaction was professional. Best features about the system are: effective, simple installation and hookup, and ease of stowing when not in use."

Donna Y.

Albuquerque, NM, USA

"Our Protect-A-Tow saved our Jeep and the back of our motorhome on our trip through Alaska. You and your company are the BEST thing that ever happened to motorhomes and towed vehicles."

Carol P.

Edmonton, AB, Canada

"First of all, thank you for Protect-A-Tow. We purchased ours at Village RV in Regina and have enjoyed damage free towing ever since. It was as easy to install as you had stated in the easy to read instructions and it is so easy to store when we're docked. I will recommend your product to anyone who tows a vehicle."

Harris B.

Crossville, TN, USA

"We used the new Protect-a-Tow screen yesterday and it was a perfect fit. I believe you shipped it on a Monday and we got it on Friday. I want to thank you for the personal service and will highly recommend your product."

Ted W.

Livingston, TX, USA

"I wanted to report our satisfaction after using the Protect a tow for several months and towing 8000 miles. Not only have we significantly reduced the debris hitting out tow vehicle but I've noticed less dust on the rear of our coach and car and protection of my electric cables riding on top of the tarp. When disconnecting, I wrap the tarp back over the tow bar and clip it to the coach; it's quick and easy and temporarily holds the cables. As a full time that travels, this is important! Of all the solutions on the market this is the easiest to use and provides great value.
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