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frequently asked questions

I have a wide body Motorhome, what size do I need?

Protect-a-Tow is a universal fit, manufactured to fit wide body and regular body Motorhomes. Click here for required measurements or click here to view our installation instructions.

I have a plastic bumper on my vehicle, is this a problem?

No problem at all. Each Protect-a-Tow comes complete with large fender washers to accommodate today's plastic or fibreglass bumpers on RV's and towed vehicles.  

What is Protect-a-Tow made out of?

Protect-a-Tow is constructed with a very durable PVC coated polyester mesh. The zinc plated hooks are rust resistant and the anti drag bar is constructed with PVC and easily folds into three and fits into the compact storage case provided with each unit.


How do I attach Protect-a-Tow?

Protect-a-Tow hooks on to the eyebolts that are permanently mounted to the underside of your RV and towed vehicle.  Once the initial installation of the eyebolts is complete it takes less than a minute to hook up the unit each and every time you need it... it's that simple! Click here to view our installation instructions.


What happens when I make a turn?

Protect-a-Tow is constructed with an internal heavy duty elasticized cord so when making a turn the elasticized cord stretches on the outside of the turn and relaxes on the inside of the turn. With the aid of the cross bar Protect-a-Tow will not drag on the ground while making turns.  


What will Protect-a-Tow protect?

Protect-a-Tow will protect your vehicle from objects such as mud or gravel flying up from the rear wheels of your RV.  Protect-a-Tow is mounted below the hitch therefore it also protects your hitch, wiring, and safety cables. Many of our customers have also stated that Protect-a-Tow even keeps their back-up camera clean. The unit will also protect the rear of your RV and bikes on rear mounted bike racks from flying stones etc. 


For travel trailers Protect-a-Tow will protect the front of your travel trailer, your hitch wiring, back of your tow vehicle etc.

Can I purchase by check or money order?

Yes, you can pay by check, money order or e-transfer. Once we receive your payment and the payment has cleared, we will ship your Protect-a-Tow. If this is the method of payment you prefer please contact us by email or phone and we will give you all the details on who and where to send your payment to.


Can I use Protect-a-Tow with a tow dolly?

Yes, the only difference with using a tow dolly is that in some cases the Protect-a-Tow will mount over top of the dolly rather than underneath. Therefore, you will get full protection for the towed vehicle but not the tow dolly itself if applied over the dolly. Please be sure to order the correct length of Protect-a-Tow, click here for our length measurement diagram.


Can I use the Protect-a-Tow when using a step down receiver attachment?

Yes, although sometimes using a step down can add length to your tow bar setup which may warrant the use of our Extended Protect-a-Tow. Please click here for our extended length measurement diagram.

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